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Hanijam Enterprises comprises a team of technocrat entrepreneurs deeply passionate about innovative approaches to organic security interior production, processing, and manufacturing. With extensive experience in fields such as Innovative farming student projects, Mechatronics & Robotics, and Metal Fabrication, as well as expertise in Artwork, Gemstone infusion ,Orgone energy generators, water structuring, and purification systems.

We are actively seeking a personal and private startup seed investor for a joint-venture (JV) startup. This venture would entail a 50% ownership stake in our proposed IoT-based surveillance interior decor production line and training initiative. This unique business concept integrates organic aesthetics, medical elements, and surveillance technology into interior decor, ornamental organic furniture, and handcrafted items. It presents a smart solution for internal surveillance, security, and remote access control for smart homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

Our business framework represents a rare fusion of art and artificial intelligence (AI), alongside a focus on health enhancement. It addresses the rising security challenges with advanced techniques for smart homes and smart surveillance. Our approach relies on easily accessible raw materials and recyclable organic products, breaking away from conventional themes. We can assure you that our offerings will be vintage masterpieces suitable for residential, commercial, industrial, and official use.

Our Mission:
To innovate, utilize, and transform opportunities from waste materials and recycled products, contributing to a cleaner environment while promoting a waste-to-wealth system in Africa and around the world. Additionally, we aim to support homeless children globally.

Our Vision:
To revive and harness local talent, fostering job creation and knowledge transfer to empower our youth. We aspire to transition from waste to wealth and promote indigenous craftsmanship, while meeting international and local standards.

Our Purpose:
To showcase indigenous abilities on a global scale, driving the demand for environmental cleanliness through waste-to-wealth investments. We are also committed to exploring interior gadgetry and craftsmanship that seamlessly integrates technology with precision, consistency, and design.

service and delivery nationwide!

Our clients include:
Private Residences - Private Offices - Commercial Lobbies - Assisted Living Homes - Doctors / Surgeon Waiting Rooms - Hotel Lobbies - Bank / Financial Institution Lobbies - Funeral Homes - Special Needs Centers - Schools - Museums - Zoos - and Many More!


 Our Target 
 To provide instant Décors  for business corporation
•    To build Customized exterior and interior  for African  requirements
•    To supply Plug & Play décors  directly to customers
hanijam enterprises nig ltd  (within the warrant time period





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